Berlin, Germany | Published on: May 18, 2011
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Summary is a completely new way of seeing and hearing things, an upcoming music service usable on your Smartphone. It enables you to play your music whilst at the same time allow the world to tune into what you’re playing.
With your Smartphone is turned into a radio transmitter. Based on this, any individual (or even place like a club, venue or retail store) may set up a radio channel and open its door for other users to drop in instantly.

Berlin, May 18th, 2011

Press Release wins top prize at Next Elevator 2011, prepares first version of called “Sample”

High praise has followed after taking top honours at this year’s Next Elevator Awards in Berlin. Out of twelve start-up finalists such as the up-and-coming egoArchive & Halalati, walked off stage with first prize that also includes  a scholarship for one semester at the prestigious Founder Institute Berlin plus an invaluable 24-hour SEO workshop with Hanse Ventures.

With all attention aside, has been working extra hard to take its first step into the public arena with Sample. It’s called Sample as this will be the first taste-test with the public, only available for a limited time. will launch its full version later on in the year.

Just like an automobile manufacturer nicknaming a model of its own cars, we have also decided on calling our first version, “Sample”.

“We’re really excited about the forthcoming release of Sample. Just weeks away from Apple’s final authorization, we will then be able to see it in the app store. Fingers crossed, this should take no more than a few weeks.” Philipp Eibach, Founder

What’s the difference between the full version and the Sample version?’s Sample version will only be usable with the audio distribution platform SoundCloud. That means right now users will only be able to upload songs to their playlist via a SoundCloud account. In addition you will be able to search SoundCloud’s vast database of cool music to use in your station.

What about  adding any tracks without limitations?’s full version will allow users to do that, intended to hit the market in September 2011. However with that in mind, the SoundCloud platform is a lively, flexible platform that already allows a variety of options. - users can record their own music and upload it, as well as ‘favourite’ and send tracks by other users from their personal SoundCloud accounts. It’s a wonderful platform and combined with it really enables a new and exciting listening experience. Even if you don’t want to upload anything yourself, you can just sift through the stations and let your ears do the work.



Staff: 8
Date of birth: December, 2010
In development since: 10 months
Location: Neukölln, Berlin

Founder: Philipp Eibach

For any questions or queries please contact:

Ari Stein // Head of communication //

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